Homeland Security To Save Us From ‘Rigged Elections’?

Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson is reported to be considering declaring the US voting process a “critical infrastructure” of the United States and thus under the control of his agency. DHS already controls 16 other “critical infrastructure” sectors. Didn’t they promise that the creation of this Department would streamline government rather than expand government control?

Ron Paul: Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report. With me today is Daniel McAdams, our co-host. Daniel, good to see you.

Daniel McAdams: Good morning Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul: Very good. we are going to talk today about one of your most favorite departments in Washington, the Department of Homeland Security. I understand that they are following up on some of these rumors that they would like to get involved in making sure our elections are not rigged. But, you and I remember back in those days, right after, I don’t know how many months after 9/11 occurred, but not too long after that they lined up to change things so far forever from 9/11, but you remember exactly when that bill was coming up and I am sure it didn’t take us a long time to figure it out, but I know you read it in detail.

Daniel McAdams: It started at 20-some pages and then it went to the House and became something like 200 pages and when it was finally passed, it was almost 600 pages and it was passed with such quickness that it was impossible for anyone to read it, but they promised us that it would streamline government. This was not adding more deckchairs, no, no, this was streamlining government, it was going to make it go more smoothly. You unfortunately didn’t buy into that and you had a different view. This is you back in 2002. “Rest assured that this new department represents a huge increase in the size and scope of the federal government that will be used mostly to serve, to spy on the American people.”

Ron Paul: That sounds like a pretty good prediction, but you don’t need a real high IQ to figure that out, because all you have to do is have a little bit of common sense and know a little bit of government, just observe for a short period of time what has happened to our government and those are the conclusions that any rational person should come to. But, we didn’t have too much support from the Republicans, there were just a few of us and I think we only have one in the Congress now that actually opposes the Department of Homeland Security.

Daniel McAdams: Representative Duncan who is on the board at the Institute.

Ron Paul: Yes, right. They are in charge of a lot, I can’t name all the agencies, but I do know it’s everything from the TSA to the Coast Guard. This is a tremendous amount of responsibility they have, but if you want to talk about expansion and control and centralization of government, I think that it’s very clear that that is what has happened and I am quite sure that the number of employees that we have for the government since 9/11 is very much greater and they are very much involved in our personal lives, our personal privacy, overruning state laws, the whole work. So, this next step to take over elections is pretty scary as far as I am concerned.

Daniel McAdams: Yeah and what they want to do is the Secretary of Homeland Security Department, Jeh Johnson said he is looking into designating our election process, our voting system as “critical infrastructure”, which would then fall under the purview of Homeland Security and I think they have 16 other areas of critical infrastructure that they are in charge of, roads and bridges and reservoirs and things of that nature.

Ron Paul: Usually when they come up with something, even war, they have to have a pretext and the pretext is pretend how are we going to deceive the people, how are we going to scare the people, so they are having a pretext for this, because there has been talked and most people think the elections are probably rigged. I certainly think they are, because no matter what happens, the same deep state controls everything. So, our definition of rigging is different from one to another, but they got involved a little bit in foreign policy in order to justify this and it’s always national security and what is it that they are saying now that it’s justifying what we are doing?

Daniel McAdams: Apparently some voter rolls in Arizona and Illinois were hacked, that will be the names and the addresses of voters and that sort of thing. So, it really technically didn’t have anything to do with the outcome, at least in Illinois they are not even connected to the Internet when they vote, so it was data about voters, but immediately they said that it was Russian hackers who did it without any evidence. They didn’t have any evidence that it was, but as you point out it gives it this foreign dimension and as we’ve seen in the media over the past week or so and certainly the Clinton campaign has bent over backwards to try to convince everyone that Putin’s hand is inside the Trump puppet, so when you put the two together and you think OK, Putin is going to rid the elections for Trump and therefore we got to get Homeland Security involved to save us from the rigging.

Ron Paul: Yeah and there is also stories obviously off the wall that individual, the article saying if one of the candidates dies, the elections could be help up pretty easily. I am not sure that isn’t by the law, but the law doesn’t mean anything, so it depends on the chaos.

This goes along with some work that we have done on emergency powers. The President can declare emergency and he really can take over. This is just more like centralizing those powers into one unit, but the President has ominous powers under declaration and the Congress doesn’t have to vote on that particular thing, they already have granted, if there is a declaration of an emergency they can do this and the President can take over, which obviously is on the books, very scary and now they are doing this, so I am not predicting, I haven’t been in this position of predicting that before November, the really, really big event is going to happen politically, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

They are always working under the assumption that it could happen and they are going to solidify this and say the Congress gave us this authority and now there is an emergency and you don’t want to have total chaos, there will be chaos in the streets and who is going to pass out the orders to our troops overseas and they will have all kinds of reasons. So, the pretext will be there and the people will be frightened and unfortunately I am afraid too many would go along with it.

Daniel McAdams: These kinds of ideas that were just a few years ago considered way out on the fringe now seems pretty mainstream and as you say the executive branch being granted more power and of course there was a lot of power creeped toward the executive branch throughout the decades as you always talked about, but really it’s accelerated with 9/11, it really kicked into gear with 9/11 when everyone was so eager to get the President all of this authority.

Ron Paul: Now, Trump has been talked a little bit about rigged election and I believe elections have been rigged, but it’s worse than ever and I think he’s correct, but I am not sure his understanding of the problem and what he thinks should be done is the same, because my understanding of the rigged election is elections don’t matter. This is a ritual that we go through and some people say yeah, but you participated, you ran for office, you got in and maybe you did a little bit of good as an elected officials. I think the big difference is if you go there, then you don’t go there to work within the system and believe that you are going to reform it and all of a sudden you are going to have control of legislation and become a chairman of a committee and things are going to change, but if a person is involved in the system, I think it has to be for one thing, to expose what they are doing.

Unfortunately though, some people think that they can get in and change things. My belief is the control is the deep state and people have to realize that, but now that deep state which seems to be ushering around the Department of Homeland Security, is many-fold. It has deals with the media, the military, the medical care system, the whole works, the banking system and those powers are already there and I think those individuals who are behind the scenes who really find out what the policies are going to be regardless of who is in office, know exactly what we’ve argued, that this place, our country, and our financial system and our foreign policy is very precarious and something terrible is going to happen.

So, I think the more you hear about this stuff, the more power given to the Department of Homeland Security, they may have false flags, they may do a lot of things, but no matter how an emergency comes up, they are going to make a use of it and the use of it isn’t to say how are we going to protect the American people.

They worry when they talk about doing something about rigged elections and make sure the votes are counted? No, they are making sure that the votes aren’t counted and they are irrelevant and the government has all this power and that they have in a way make it a lot easier to hack into our elections and even one of the very first elections in 1976 we had some fancy machines, I don’t think that they use them anymore, but people came and explained to me exactly how they can set these machines not to be accurate and that was sort of primitive.

I am sure that type of thing is available now and just think that if that can be done at a local level for an election here and there, it’s horrible, but can you think of centralizing it and turning the whole power over to the Department of Homeland Security for protecting us and making us safe and secure and the people say we have to be safe and secure, so therefore they will protect us.

Daniel McAdams: At this pint we both noticed that John Whitehead, an old friend wrote about this, that it’s rigged no matter what and it’s such a great point, but as you say that is the Department of Homeland hat is doing the deeds of the deep state and what their goal is to rob us of our liberties and to create a police state. If you don’t mind I could just read a short paragraph from Whitehead’s latest article, because he points out OK, we are going to be saved from rigging by the Department of Homeland Security and he points out “Homeland Security is the agency that militarized the police, spied on activists and veterans, distributed license plate readers and cellphone trackers to law enforcement agencies, contracted to build detention centers, conducted virtual strip searches of airline passengers, established constitution of free border zones, funded surveillance cameras and generally turned our Republic into a police state.” So, these are the ones that are going to protect our voting rights.

Ron Paul: Right. And the TSA has done such a good job, they are very symbolic of how the American people come to love the TSA, hopefully that symbol, even though it’s a big symbol, will wake up the American people, why do you want the TSA to run our elections? Essentially it is what it is doing. It’s the same principle.

When we take an oath of office and when the President takes it when he goes to office, swears to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and I frequently would bring this up in speeches and those who came to mind always loved it when I would emphasize the foreign and domestic and this is where the real enemy is right now. Sure we have to have national defense, but I don’t agitate and read and study and try to change people’s mind because I think that somebody is going to invade us, I want to change foreign policy so that we are less in danger, but really the greatest danger since 9/11 has been the taking away of our liberties, our civil liberties have been undermined and actually I personally date the big picture of the economy a downturn, even prior to 9/11, since the turn of the century, when we had a stock market bust and the NASDAQ bubble, but the 9/11 accelerated that and it continues.

But, this will only add fuel to the problems that we have already, whether it’s foreign policy, it certainly is going to do nothing to help to protect the civil liberties of the American people, but our big challenge is there are so many people in this country that may think that it’s the absolute responsibility of the government to make us safe and secure and give us a blanket, a safety net in order to take care of us, whether it’s physically or whether it’s the Russians are coming. That is their job and economically, to take care of us. And of course demanding dependency as a right is what gets into this mess and civil liberties become irrelevant.

I am sure you have heard the arguments and probably the people who called in and took our calls and say can’t Ron understand that you have to give a little bit of liberty in order to be safe and that is what we need now, we have to be safe, look at what happened without thinking it through of the reasons why we have become less safe than before and it’s not because the government is too small, it’s not because we had over-protection of our civil liberties. It emphasizes the fact that we have been concentrating on protecting liberty in this country and understanding just how that comes about, why economic policy is important and why foreign policy is so important.

Daniel McAdams: Yeah, just think back when they were doing the Patriot Act and all these stuff, you were outlining some of the worst case scenarios and people called you very alarmist, but that seems very mild compared to what it is, so the whole notion of I give up a little bit of liberty for my security, if you give up a little bit of liberty, the government is going to come and chomp more and more and more and that is what is happening.

Ron Paul: Yeah and I think the bigger problem is the people that are eager to vote and a lot of people vote and the majority of the American people have some dependency on government, even those who say too much government here, too much government here, they still think we have to get our share, but they don’t concentrate on how corporatism has justified all concepts of free markets and how the banking industry and the financial system and the Federal Reserve has co-opted this and provided the privileges and the right to steal from the people, but they are still thinking in a very minor and narrow sense that I have a right to this, I am entitled to this.

Yes, those guys are bad guys, but just take it away from them, instead of changing the system which permitted them to do it. Why are there so many lobbyists and why are the corporations so powerful? It’s because everybody is for sale in Washington. If you had a government that was very, very small for the purpose of protecting liberty and real government if you needed any, it would be local, the policeman. Now, we have the federal police forces, 120,000 people carrying guns to enforce these and just think, most of those guns are now under one department. That would be an interesting number to look, how many people that are under the Department of Homeland Security actually carry guns. I’ll bet you there is a lot and they are always doing what we’re protecting the parks and things like that.

I want to thank everybody for tuning in today to the Liberty Report and I guess you can gather from our little discussion here that we do accept our notion that our elections are rigged, but we certainly don’t come down on the side of believing that the Department of Homeland Security and TSA will unrig our elections, they are just going to make things much worse and that is possible, even though some days you wonder how can they make it worse. But, it is a distressing things to think that probably this is a true statement that no matter what you do on your vote, whether you vote or not, the deep state is in charge and that is what we have to deal with.

But, it is good to be politically active, to preach this message, to show people you know exactly what the government is doing to us and why we should be involved, but of course the whole purpose in the end has to be that we change our economic philosophy, we change our attitude about our protection of our civil liberties and we change our attitude about getting involved in the internal affairs of other nations, occupying other countries and being involved in nation-building. If we do those three little things, then believe me, the world would be much more peaceful and we would all be much more prosperous.

I want to thank everybody for tuning in today to the Liberty Report and please come back soon.


  • prov6yahoo

    I do not know which is the bigger joke – the election, or homeland security.

  • Aubrey John DeBliquy

    Homeland security are to be least trusted with the critical election infrastructure. As off the wall as it may be the best way to get the will of the American people out of the 2016 Presidential election may be to commission the South African IEC to conduct the election as an independent third part, which would give Americans a real rainbow choice of Green and Pink and Red and Blue.

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  • treedirt10000 .

    I don’t see how this ever came to be an option. This country is so disgusting right now, it is not even a glimmer of her former self. More like a cracked out junkie in the gutter with a fresh baby at tit cuz it can’t get enough of that mm mm good lip smack. Yes, that is indeed what I see in you America.