Ron Paul: Trump’s Wall Plan Illegal, Immoral and Not Libertarian

Ron Paul discusses how the rules the GOP established in 2012 to stop Ron Paul might now help Donald Trump win the nomination. He also criticizes Trump’s plan to make Mexico pay for the border wall.

Female News Anchor: Well, hello to you. In 2012 Dr. Ron Paul scared the Republican establishment so badly, they made a new rule entirely to stop candidates just like him from making it to the convention floor. It’s rule 40b. Previously, candidates needed only five states to be on the nominating ballot at the national convention, but now, the candidates need 8 states with a majority of delegates. It was designed to make sure Ron Paul supporters didn’t upstage Mitt Romney on national television. But now, it’s entrenching Donald Trump. It could be problematic for Republicans, and Dr Ron Paul is here tonight to talk about it, he’s the former Texas congressman and host of The Ron Paul Liberty Report. Welcome back, Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Kennedy, it’s good to be with you.

Female News Anchor: Thank you, so let’s talk about rule 40b, how did you feel about it back in 2012?

Ron Paul: Well, I was thinking back then that they scare easily, because I didn’t see myself as a tremendous threat. But we had the […] on our side and we were getting the delegates, and we should have had a chance to be nominated and have a speech, but they got intimidated, so that’s how terrified they get with issues. Today they’re in a box because of that very rule that was written to exclude me from even having a little bit of influence on that, which hopefully could have done more. Now they’re really in a box because they don’t have an easy answer because if they exclude Donald Trump now, they’re going to be in trouble, but if they allow him to happen, they think they can’t control him. But they’ve created their own problem, and I guess you can’t feel too sorry for them.

Female News Anchor: No, and these are some of the unintended consequences we talked about when we discussed libertarianism and freedom and the idea that maybe you should back off with this type of regulation, because you don’t know where it’s going to rear its ugly head, and it’s certainly getting ugly on the Republican side. Is there something that feels vindicated for you, because I know a lot of your supporters in 2012, I remember being at that convention, and they were so upset, they were so passionate of those delegates who were ready to do battle for you, and they felt so thwarted by the Republican Party. Is this vindication for you and your supporters?

Ron Paul: Well, in many ways, it is. But I think it really shows the shortcomings of the party leadership and how easily they’re intimidated and they don’t want to have a set of rules. The Republicans have control over the rules and they change them on their whims, and the only thing that can counteract this is the full force of the voters themselves. Which is very difficult, because the establishment that controls the party, control the rules. Likewise, the people are angry with the Democrats, too, they have these super delegates, so you can do very well over there, and they’ll say, “Oh, we have the super delegates in case the race is closed, and we can assign them”, so the establishment always wins. And what happens if you happen to have a libertarian belief and you think, “You know, Republicans aren’t a whole lot different than the Democrats, so who really gets the choice?”

Female News Anchor: Yes, we can be on the road to two contested conventions, we thought it was just all about Donald Trump, and now Bernie Sanders is saying the same thing. Well, let’s get back to Donald Trump, because in a recent memo, he explained just how he would go about making a 2,000 mile long border wall, and compel Mexico to pay for it. He’s been making that promise for a while, he said he would threaten to cut of money transfers from Mexican immigrants in the U.S. to their families in Mexico unless that country makes a onetime payment of 5 to 10 billion dollars to build that wall. Does that plan stand up to logic, Dr. Paul, economics or sobriety, what do you think?

Ron Paul: I think it sounds like theft, I think it sounds like something illegal, it sounds like it’s immoral. There’s 24 billion dollars that are transferred to Mexico through these remittances, and he said he’s going to get 5 or 6 billion dollars or whatever is necessary. The costs always go up, so maybe he’s going to take it all. It does great harm to those companies that transfer this money, because they’ve being doing this for a long time. But this whole idea of attacking remittances and turning that into a political positive when it’s such a negative thing. I always thought of the remittances as the best way to have foreign aid. Let people come, we need workers, because our people won’t pick the crops, and then they take their money back and then the populist says, “Oh, they have the money, they took it, they stole it from us”.

But what are they going to do with it, they have to buy American goods, that’s how they get money to buy our stuff. The economics of this is just so bizarre to think that they can do it. But a lot of people are going to buy into it and say, “Oh yes, that’s the way to pay it, we’re not going to be taxed”. But, believe me, we’re always being taxed, one way or the other.

Female News Anchor: Of course, and if these people are set up in the e-verify system, and a lot of them are, and they are buying things and they do pay sales taxes and fuel taxes and other things like that, it also gives them an emotional investment in Mexico. If you cut that off, what are the people going to do who are now starving in Mexico because they’re not receiving remittances. They’re going to come to the United States. If you think we have an immigration problem now, stop remittances, and you’ll see how many more people are crossing the border, because they’re going to find that money. Thank you very much, Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul: And they’re going to be very angry, and we have to remember where he’s getting this authority from. He’s getting it from PATRIOT Act, that sounds libertarian, too. There’s a clause in the PATRIOT Act that he’s claiming he can use as the authority. I think he’s completely wrong on that.

Female News Anchor: Well, thank you very much, and I agree with you there.

Here is Trump’s Wall Plan – judge for yourself.


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  • Pedro Vaz

    And this is why Ron Paul and the libertarians will go nowhere. Have a nice trip to nowhere…


  • CSN

    Do you really think Americans dont want jobs? Just because Mexicans are now working the fields doesn’t mean Americans don’t want those jobs…young school age kids used to do berry picking, and harvesting, but now Mexicans, who take lower pay, are stealing those jobs from Summer School age kids, who would be able to work and learn the concept of work for pay. There is no such thing as a job Americans don’t want, nor need. This is all smoke and mirrors. Ron Paul is playing the scare card to hand the election to HILLARY??? The Good Lord Forbid! What is this man thinking?

  • shahbaz

    ron paul is just butthurt that trump wasn’t nice to rand paul in the primaries. put america and the world first before your petty emotions ron.

  • shahbaz

    so ron paul is an open borders liberal? ok.

    • Anthony Porreca

      Yea he’s a fake. Rob Paul has absolutely nothing on trump and never will

  • DYS

    I think we just about had it with Ron and his big ideas. He wants to talk about morals? Where was his courage and commitment to the people when it was him who needed to stand up against the GOP? He folded. Great to cheer from the sidelines, isn’t it Ron?

    • Anthony Porreca

      You absolutely right. This guy Ron is all talk. finally a guy comes around that’s going to actually take these assholes on the rest of the countrys taking advantage of the American people and he shoots him down what an asshole.

      • Franko

        American people?
        Asshole, Do you know what you saying?
        America is a continent, not a country

        • CSN

          The United States is a Country, just for your education and information…go back to Mexico where you belong, if you don’t like it. Mexico has huge fines and incarceration for Americans crossing the borders illegally and we Wine and Dine Mexicans…how pound foolish is that?

          • Anthony Porreca

            Ahh don’t let these people get to ya so much . There just a bunch of lying fake asshols .
            There not real Americans or have American pride . The have been duped to think having pride for your country is wrong.
            What a shame as well. the last free country in the world and they want to give it up .
            We’re the only people left in the world who still have a right to be left the he’ll alone and they want to give up that very rare freedom.
            Fools .

        • Anthony Porreca

          You know what I mean. don’t beat around the Bush.