Obama Caves To Neocons – Military Spending To Skyrocket

The tiny handful of military program cuts have been reversed, as Congressional hawks shame Obama into reinstating programs and systems scheduled for shutdown. Meanwhile under the NATO flag the US is massing 40,000 troops on the Russian border and quadrupling its military budget in Europe. Is it a new Cold War they want – or a new hot one?

Ron Paul: Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report. With me today is Daniel McAdams and Daniel it’s good to see you.

Daniel McAdams: Good to see you Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul: Ok. What problem are we going to solve today?

Daniel McAdams: Money, money, money.

Ron Paul: We have a major problem, but it’s ongoing and it’s going to deal with foreign expenditures, foreign military expenditures, because it looks like the administration has changed their tune. A couple of months ago when Carter was going around, we can cut back, cut back and hysteria broke out and lobbyists came in AEI came in, Heritage came in and I don’t know they must be able to scare the administration, because even if they had an inkling whether they are fibbing all along, that they were willing to cut back no more.

Now, Obama has changed his tune and they are talking about increasing, they said that the defense spending, but I don’t believe it’s defense spending, it’s military spending, it’s a welfare system. The headline this morning was Republicans gloat over Obama’s about-face on military spending and they are gloating, the two big gloaters. Can you imagine McCain gloat over that, be happy, I got you, I got you. So, the neocons are gloating and in charge of the House military committee it’s Thornberry and he’s gloating too, we won, we won.

So, they are going to get the money, but I guess you have to pay attention. They described grave dangers out there. There is a lot of people here with weapons and a lot of people here that want to invade our country and destroy our liberties, so I guess we have to listen to their arguments. Do you buy into their great concern about the reason we need to spend so much more money on the military and in this case it’s particularly with Europe?

Daniel McAdams: Yeah, I think as you’ve always pointed out it has a lot more to do with military Keynesianism than an actual threat. What this specifically refers to a few cuts that were in the works for a few system, the A-10 Warthog for example and the Tomahawk missile was to be cut in favor of newer, more expensive programs and so they sort of split the differences and said ok, let’s have both. Let’s get the F-35, which is a piece of junk and we’ll keep the A-10s and the Tomahawks and the Super Hornets as well.

Ron Paul: When our country is in such dire straits economically, when nobody knows what the future will bring and debt is hanging over the students and everybody else is in desperate shape, it’s amazing that the American people are apathetic, I guess it’s not too amazing, but they are too apathetic to worry about this, they don’t pay enough attention, that this is very big bucks that they are going to spend. If they do this of course, nobody feels the immediate harm, it comes later on, but they are claiming they have to have an enemy.

You have to have someone who is coming to get us and if you are a peacemaker you are in big trouble, because if you are a peacemaker, the saying goes that you are unpatriotic and you don’t care about the danger the country is in. Right now, this particular expenditure is being justified because of ISIS and the reality is ISIS is horrible and yet our policies did so much to create them and also the other thing is we got to defend ourselves against China. I think there is enough economic problems for both of us. We don’t need to worry about sending more ships and yet we do. We send more ships over there.

The other thing is, since this is dealing a little bit more with Europe, Russia is a big threat and here with our encouragement they are talking about sending 40,000 troops to Lithuania. I wonder how that is going to make you or I feel safer or any American. How can that make American feel safer when I don’t think Russia is about to invade and they are certainly not going to invade America, then why do we need another Cold War?

Daniel McAdams: Yeah, this is forcing the perception they put out, that there is a huge, grave threat, terrify everyone and then they can spend willy-nilly. Now we just put on the Institute an article by Danielle Ryan, who is a very good writer and her first line is Putin is about to invade the Baltics, again. She said what a coincidence, just a few days after the Pentagon announced it is going to quadruple its military spending in Europe and this is up from 789 million this year to 3.4 billion next year, just days after it says it’s going to quadruple its budget. Now, all of these think tanks and different organizations like the Atlantic Council come up with new reports that Russia is ready to invade the Baltics.

Ron Paul: Our budget is ten times bigger than Russia’s. They have their concerns, they are not pussycats and they are very active in Syria, but it looks like they may have a stronger international law argument about being in Syria than us going 6,000 miles to say Assad has to go and just bomb the living daylights out of them. That is one problem that we have.

What about Kerry the other day? I don’t know if he actually said this, but he says that people were urging him, get in there and start bombing more in Syria. He says I don’t know whether that is a good idea, I’d have to bomb Russia, so he says he wasn’t looking forward. If he said that or not, it’s probably pretty true. Why Should we be in there and when Russia’s in there and they’ve sort of settled things down a bit, compared to when ISIS, they are actually attacking ISIS, where we haven’t. It’s fascinating if it weren’t so serious and so crazy.

Daniel McAdams: It’s never good to cheer bombing, but in this case Russia along with the Syrian army have been attacking ISIS and Al-Qaeda and the US instead of cheering them on, is blaming them, saying they are making things worse, but the Syrian army was on the verge of defeat when Russian came to its aid. They were asked to come in and help and they came in and helped and if they had been defeated it would have been ISIS in charge, so it’s the media hyping this thing up, on one hand ISIS is the worst thing ever and then when someone comes to try and is actually very effective, Aleppo is about to go back to the Syrian army, it’s been occupied for number of years by extremists, when these things happen, then they attack the people that are defending it.

Ron Paul: And of course the only way I can explain it, which I have tried to many times, why the people and the Congress goes along with it is that the propaganda, whether it’s the government people or the media people is that if you do not do it, then you are unpatriotic and you do not care and you are going to make our country unsafe. Of course from our viewpoint we see it’s going to bankrupt our country, it’s going to make us less safe, it has nothing to do with defense and it’s very, very dangerous. Ultimately it leads to more loss of liberty here at home, because under war conditions and we are under permanent war conditions now, that is when our government is very intrusive, so our liberties are being lost, but it’s not being lost to Al-Qaeda, it’s being lost to our own government.

I figure since 1990, we’ve been there, I bet you there hasn’t been a year since 1990 that we didn’t bomb somebody and that is 25 years and it’s ongoing and it’s a long period of time and yet they are going to be able to do this and hype this up and saying we got to stop ISIS, stop ISIS and of course as dangerous as ISIS is, having a policy of intervention and interference and occupation and bombing people and innocent people being killed, it is the recruiting tool. I don’t know whether they don’t believe it or they just don’t want to believe it, but for people who pay attention and for people in the know, recognize this as a fact.

Daniel McAdams: The US likes to go around the world telling all the countries that they must fight corruption and corruption is a bad thing, but what we’ve been talking about today, there is no other word to define it but corruption. This is how it works. We’ve talked about it before. You talked about AEI and Heritage and those and all the other policy think tanks in DC, they are primarily funded by the military industrial complex, Lockheed Martin gives a bunch of money to these organizations and then they come out with a report about the next great threat and to address that threat.

Then the media picks up on these reports, experts have said a new threat looming from X. Then, they scare the American people and the lawmakers jump in and they appropriate more money to Lockheed, so Lockheed gives a half of million to one of these think tanks and they get a billion dollar, ten billion dollar weapons system. This is corruption, plain and simple and the American people are getting ripped off.

Ron Paul: Yeah, Obama on occasion does something that we think is ok and suddenly he shifts gears and goes in the opposite direction. The American people just seem to be oblivious to this and I think that this is where the real problem comes, it’s that they don’t pay attention. When they do, they usually come down on the side of peace. Why go and aggravate the situation, but sometimes out government’s stand, they pay too much attention if you have a vote. That’s why I imagine Obama and others didn’t want to have the use of military force, because they call attention to it. They can do what they want anyway and serve the interests of whatever they are doing and they shift from day to day.

Daniel McAdams: Also look at the, going back on this corruption, look at how a lot of mainstream media is owned by companies with ties to defense contractors as well, so you have this sort of endless loop of information that most Americans who don’t tune into shows like this or look at the Ron Paul’s website or all the wonderful alternative media that is available. Sadly, the vast majority of America still does not turn to that, although they are tuning in more and more, but they are trapped in the cycle of listening to these lies that are constantly pumped into the living rooms.

Ron Paul: I was fascinated and chuckled a little bit, but the comments made by somebody in the Polish administration, because we and NATO promised them if you join NATO, he said they promised us many new lucrative military bases. They want some of the action and they are disappointed with that, so it is an economic thing that it builds up and that is good for jobs and all these things.

I still think that that might influence even Obama because the economy is going down now, the stock market is in big trouble and he is getting ready to leave and if he leads to cutting a nickel out of defense, but like you pointed out they are probably not even going to cut it, it’s just shifting some funds around. He doesn’t want to have any thought that he could be blamed for this, so he would use it, just like so many people do and there is still this mentality that wars are a good way to get out of recessions and depressions. That’s been around for a long time, that attitude.

Daniel McAdams: The Polish example is perfect because what does it demonstrate? It demonstrates that Poland really doesn’t believe that there is a military threat because if they really thought that Russians were about to come into Europe they wouldn’t want to paint a target on their back, so they obviously don’t believe that there is a threat. They want the economic benefits that Germany had for all these decades of having these high spending American military guys hanging around.

Ron Paul: Yeah and if they were worried maybe they would think that they could build their military themselves, to prepare their people, maybe they would make sure they all understood what a 2nd Amendment means, so that if anybody comes marching in they would take care of themselves, but that isn’t the case. There is so much economic activity when you talk about weapons and we’ve talked about this so much, when they build bombers, they usually put parts of the bombers on almost all the states.

So, every Congress, what we have to do is good for jobs. That is atrocious as far as I am concerned, because they never understood the lesson and instead the broken philosophy that just the fact that you put money in the military and it looks like you are creating jobs and things. Where would that money have gone if it would have gone into education or production or building houses, instead we have this terrible, terrible economy that keeps crashing down on us.

The situation is so bad young people don’t even expect to buy houses, they are so loaded with debt and not only are they loaded with debt from their college education, but they are loaded, their generation is loaded with the debt of the country too, because if interest rates go up and eventually they will or just paying back the principle, takes a lot of money out of production, so the new generation will have to pay for this. They make pages for not ever getting a job and suffering and going on welfare and all these things. It’s a real mess, but it’s a philosophy of government intervention that deficits don’t matter, that you can print money if you need it and they don’t have much interest and understanding of the business cycle.

As far as I am concerned that is the key to if you want to understand exactly what is going on, you have to understand the business cycle. The Fed has gotten away with putting the blame on somebody else for too long. Everytime there has been a type of a boom, they took credit for it, whenever it went down, they took credit for getting us out of the recession. Right now and for the past 15 years I don’t think they’ve ever gotten us out of the recession that started at the beginning of this century and it got much worse in ’08 and ’09 and this one is occurring right now and is going to be much worse.

We can lay it at the doorsteps of the Federal Reserve, because it so gross a distortion, whether we spend the money on the military, we spend it on welfare, we spend it on big government and all the benefits, so that is the real problem. Yes, we have to understand the principles of liberty, we have to understand the role of government in society that it is to protect liberty, but we also have to understand how the finances occur. Just taxation never gets enough money for the government and that is why they have taxation, they do pretty well and a lot of harm, but then they start borrowing and if the credit is good and our credit has been good worldwide, you can borrow a lot of money, but then if you issue the world currency, the reserve currency, then you can print at will and that will have to be addressed.

I think if you keep an eye on the markets today and what is going on, you will realize that this is a serious, serious problem and it can only be solved with the principles of liberty, that includes sound money and limited spending and that you don’t justify deficits and that is something that makes politicians very unhappy. So, nobody is really advocating that someday the American people better stand up and say this is what we want, the government doesn’t ever deliver what they promise, so why don’t you just leave us alone and let us take care of ourselves.

That to me would be a much better solution, because what you are seeing now is total failure of government, not only in this country, but around the world. Keynesian interventionism is a failed policy and it is now ending, so we better be prepared. The answered are out there and they are all related to the concept of liberty.

I want to thank everybody for tuning in today to the Liberty Report and please come back soon.