Is Liberty Rising?

Economic and foreign interventionism has failed and is leading the country into perhaps its greatest crisis since founding. As the message of liberty increases in popularity, we may have our greatest opportunity yet to have our alternatives heard. editor Chris Rossini joins the program to discuss the future of liberty…

Daniel McAdams Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report. I am Daniel McAdamas, your host today. Dr. Paul is still traveling. Today we are going to talk about Liberty and especially the Liberty movement. I have a special guest to join me to talk about this and that is Chris Rossini. Chris is an Editor of a site you may not have know about, but you should know about. It’s called strangely enough and it is the companion website to Ron Paul’s broadcast Liberty Report. Thank you for joining us Chris, are you there?

Chris Rossini: Yes Daniel, so glad to be with you today.

Daniel McAdams: Good to have you on the show. As someone who’s followed Dr. Paul for quite a while I know you know that one of his main points is that interventionism has failed, is failing and continues to fail and Dr. Paul is very consistent, because he points out that not only has it failed in economic markets, not only does it fail in monetary policy, not only does it fail with the Fed, but that same concept of interventionism fails in foreign policy, it fails in all of our foreign interventionisms. Everything that we’ve done, if you look at the wasteland that the neocons have created overseas when they were trying to create democracy, is kind of similar to the economic wasteland that they are creating here at home.

I have focused much more on Dr. Paul’s foreign policy and the interventionism abroad and you have been much more interested in the economic and financial side of the interventionism. Chris speak a little bit about the financial interventionism and how it’s failed.

Chris Rossini: The United States is, and much of the world as a matter of fact, is run by a set of ideas called Keynesianism and at the heart of it lies a central bank known as the Federal Reserve. Dr. Paul has spoken about the Fed for many, many years going back to the 1970s. In fact it was one of the main motivators for Dr. Paul to run for office. He saw the writing on the wall way back then and boy was he correct.

Basically, the Federal Reserve has a monopoly control over our money supply and they basically can print up whatever amount of money that our government desires. Now, that is an incredible power to have, a very, very dangerous power. You never want a government to have the ability to fund itself, without asking permissions, getting votes from Congress and that dovetails into the wars that you cover so brilliantly on The Federal Reserve can fund whatever wars the government wants and it’s reached a point to where even on the President’s whim they can send troops wherever they want in the world. It’s a very dangerous power and the Federal Reserve is the heart of the interventionist state.

Daniel McAdams: That’s a good point, it is the dark heart of the warfare welfare state and I think unfortunately a lot of people in the U.S. that are still trapped in the R vs. D prison don’t understand that it is the Federal Reserve which is the most hated enemy, should be the most hated enemy of the middle class, of the working class. They devalue and destroy the currency, so that the elites can be bailed out, so that the industrial military complex can get rich fighting no-win useless wars, so people that really care about the middle class, that care about falling wages, they should focus their lasers on the Federal Reserve.

The other thing that Dr. Paul says acknowledging that the interventionism has failed and he admonishes those of us who are concerned with Liberty, to be ready, to have a coherent ideology of liberty to prepare and they are not necessarily beating down our doors to hear what we have to say yet, but we do have important ideas that need to be shared and we need to be ready to offer credible alternatives. One of the things that Dr. Paul has done since he’s “retired” from Congress is to found this idea of a Liberty Reporting and it’s a broadcast like we are doing now, but as I mentioned in the introduction it’s also a website.

We started just over six months ago with the broadcast, the website is a bit newer than that. Speaking on behalf of the broadcast I can say just a couple of interesting statistics, we are getting closer to 20,000 subscribers for the broadcast on YouTube, we’ve had nearly 1.3 million views of the program, we’ve done close to, we are closing it on 200 episodes of the program as well. We are growing and we are reaching a wider audience, but Chris tell us a bit about the website, you are a little younger, you are our kid brother I guess, but you’ve done some pretty impressive growth as well.

Chris Rossini: Yes, the website is newer, it’s only a few months old; however it’s growing exponentially I would say. I am very excited about it and see the interest and growth in traffic. We are close to hitting 200,000 page views per month and that’s only, we are only a couple of months in, without much advertising, so word of mouth is spreading quickly. With the website, the way I look at it, it’s really a hub for Dr. Paul’s work and also related works. If Dr. Paul’s on television you can go to and find his interviews.

He’s also, now that he’s not in Congress anymore, has much more time to write articles and has short comments here and there, those also go up on the website. I also, along with our team, help to curate similar writings from around the web that compliment our ideas. As you mentioned we are in a contest of ideas and the government is racing to exhaust itself, it’s bankrupting itself, it’s doing its job for us. At that time, once the jig is up and people realize that they’ve been scammed, they are going to look for different ideas and we really live in a tremendous time for the ideas of liberty, because we have the ability to communicate like never before. Government thrives on controlling communications, but with the Internet we can now reach people in seconds around the world and it’s very, very exciting for spreading ideas.

Daniel McAdams: When the viewers decide to tune in to the tell us what they would see on the page, what kinds of works do they see, what kinds of articles and things they see?

Chris Rossini: You will first see the broadcast, like this show will be up, we will have the most recent broadcast, so if you miss one, you don’t have to search for it on YouTube, you can go to the website to see it. Dr. Paul also makes comments, additional comments that you may not see on the show. He also, if there is breaking news, will put out a statement, the statement will go up on the website as well. I am fortunate to be able to write columns as well for the website and we find some of the most hard-hitting and truth-bearing articles out on the Internet that we find out on,, Future of Freedom Foundation, Campaign for Liberty, there’s a lot of our friends out there that put out great stuff and we try to curate it for our audience as well.

Daniel McAdams: I think this has kind of been Dr. Paul’s idea since he did decide to leave Capitol Hill and come back down to Texas, was to create something that really could be a hub for all of our friends and you pointed out many of them, I would only add Zero Hedge and a few others. Of course there are a lot of other blogs that we read regularly that are filled with people who are doing very important things on Liberty and we would definitely like to reach out to a lot of these people. Chris, I know you scour the web looking for things that will be appropriate for the site and we’re hoping that we can find more people and then more people will get in touch and you will be able to figure out how to contact us when you go to the Chris do you have any final words, we are going to have to cut out it short, but do you want to let us know where you see things going with the website over the next few months or so?

Chris Rossini: For the website, I hope that it continues to grow as quickly as it is growing now, but for the ideas that we espouse I am very, very excited. When you look out and see the damage that government is doing, that is not exciting. However, in order for new ideas to be embraced or sought after, I guess that’s what has to happen, the government has to exhaust itself and they are doing that. I believe that we are well positioned for people that are in search for new ideas to help guide them and what could be more exciting than liberty and living your life freely? I can’t think of anything.

Daniel McAdams: Absolutely. Chris I want to thank you for stopping in and visiting with us a little bit on the Liberty Report. It’s great to speak with you.

Chris Rossini: Thank you Daniel.

Daniel McAdams: And I want to thank everyone else for tuning in to the Liberty Report, for tuning in some of you that watch us live every day and we appreciate it very much. Those of you who have caught the Report and would like to keep up with us, please subscribe Go to the website, check us out, let us know how you feel about what we are doing, what you think, but most of all thank you very much for tuning in to the Liberty Report.