Death from Above: 5,000+ Killed by US Drone Strikes


According to a new study, the US launched more drone attacks in July than in the period from January to June. Since 2009, drones have killed more than 5,000. The continued use of “signature strikes” means that the US has no idea who is actually being killed.

This video was published by the Ron Paul Institute.

  • Strayhorse

    ARMED drones over America MUST be a capital offense. OUTLAW ARMED DRONES OVER AMERICA!


    Life is cheap, when it is not yours. Someone should remind the Nobel “pizza” prize winner.

  • suezz

    nothing but extermination and population control for the new world order.

  • gingercake5

    So King O criticizes the leader of the Philippines when he (Duterte) proclaims a death penalty for drug dealers — and then carefully carries out the penalty on the streets. Seems like the deterrent would be Extremely Effective.

    But the U.S. kills thousands of innocents — with invisible and quiet drones. The U.S. gets to call the dead people “collateral damage.”

  • Greg Burton

    Beta testing for upcoming US market after concocted political, economic, military, environmental, post WWIII US melt-down (NWO).