Protect All Human Life – Defund “Planned Parenthood”!


The recent undercover video showing a Planned Parenthood official negotiating for the sale of the organs of aborted babies has caused a firestorm of outrage. But both political parties will use this scandal for political gain. Ron Paul remembers from Congress the bipartisan deal allowing US funding of abortions worldwide. And if “black lives matter” — which they do — why is the holocaust of 60 million black abortions not being discussed?

Undercover Buyer: What would you expect for intact tissue? What sort of compensation? What sort of…

Deborah Nucatola : Well, why don’t you start by telling me what you’re used to paying?

Ron Paul: Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report. With me today is Daniel McAdams. Daniel, good to have you with us today.

Daniel McAdams: Good morning, Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul: Good. I’d like to talk a little bit today about what a lot of people are talking about. It is this grotesque scandal going on with Planned Parenthood. I never think of them as planning parenthood. They are planning other things, they are planning how not to become parents. Many people are just seeing the video and it’s been on TV a whole lot. How bad it really has gotten.

There’s two issues here. One is the principle of abortion and the right to life and whether the fetus is human and whether killing the fetus is an act of violence and how do you handle this. That’s one issue, but another issue is who pays for this. I’ve argued that, I think the far left, the pro-abortion people are going to make a grand mistake in this, this might represent a grand mistake and that is forcing people who devoutly believe that taking this life is equivalent to killing a human being. They claim that taxpayers ought to pay for it. We hear that the taxpayers pay over a half a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood to do this. We don’t know a whole lot about that; I think there’s been some stories in the paper about it, it’s even difficult to find how this money is being spent.

Daniel McAdams: Yeah, that’s true. Mary Hansen, who writes for The Federalist, she was the first, when this latest scandal broke, which is, as you know, the selling the body parts, the organs of these unborn children. She broke the story of Federal funding. Obviously, she sent a freedom of information request to the government. As you know, these things can take years to process, so she requested an expedited process, because the issue is in the news right now, everyone’s talking about it. Her request was denied for expedited for of processing and here’s their reasoning. This is Health and Human Services; they said ‘This is not a breaking story of general public interest.’

Ron Paul: They only wish. Obviously this is a big story. Everybody is for abortion, we put them into one category of being leftists. There are some people who have a humanitarian instinct and they’re doing well and they might not even be for the funding and all of a sudden this comes up, so this might dampen enthusiasm, because there’s moves already in the Congress to try to cut back. That’s only part of it, because I think that we have to look at the big picture and in the big picture is that we have the situation we have today, even the funding, because of two political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. I mean, when Republicans were in charge, they had the House, the Senate and the Presidency; they did nothing to cut back on this. I recall and I’m sure you do too when I was in Congress, there was funding in our foreign aid packages which would go to doing abortions. The conservative Republicans had an agreement with the left ‘Will you grant us this Mexico language and we’ll say that none of this money can be spent for abortion, only for birth-control.’ The Republicans would go along with this and everyone would be happy. The Republicans were against abortion, they stopped the funding and the left got their money.

Daniel McAdams: Then you ruined the Party, because you’ve said all the money is fungible. You give in for this and you freeze money for that.

Ron Paul: I wanted to make that point that you have to take in the whole picture, you have to deny all funding, because of that point you make it. It’s fungible. They say “yeah they spend more money on birth-control pills, you have more money left to do the abortion.’ The principle is so bad. I mean people can have principles to stand against abortion, that’s one thing, but they should have a principle stand ‘Why are governments involved in this and taking money from one group and forcing them to pay for this.’ Republicans tend to work together; you take the issue of welfare itself. Why do we have it ‘Oh, it’s all the Democrats.’ Sure, ‘the Republicans don’t vote for any welfare.’ They vote for welfare for poor and a lot of the welfare for the rich. It’s always this competition going on. I remember when I tried to cut that funding out. The people who became enraged were the pro-life Republicans, because they had a deal set and I was messing up their deal. We were going to get the credit for stopping money being spent on abortions and at the same time the Democrats would get the money. Democrats didn’t care; they knew they were going to get the money. It was so bad that some of the top leaders in the Right to Life movement in Congress were furious with me, one even would not vote for, he just ducked the vote, because he didn’t want to be seen voting against this funding. That is pure hypocrisy.

Daniel McAdams: Yeah, I remember when you raised your hand and you offered to cut all the funding and I know you won’t say it, but it was Chris Smith and Henry Hyde, great champions of the pro-life movement. I remember the fury that rose in the room when you spoiled the Party.

Ron Paul: Yes and unfortunately it continues this way in Washington. The other issue that comes up has to do with who gets aborted. Some people say only poor people get aborted. That’s not true at all. Is it only unmarried girls? They get a lot of married people. If you go by race, guess what, blacks get the most abortions. One of the stories that I have told that really got my attention was in 1973 when I gave my first political speech. It had to do, of all things, with Federal Reserve and money. We had just gone through this episode of getting off the gold standard and putting on wage and price controls and it was chaotic. High inflation and high unemployment rate.

I gave this speech in a Republican function and a question came up about abortion and I said, because Roe versus Wade came out in 1973, that same particular year, and I took my position and I believe it was human life and to kill a human life is an act of aggression and I didn’t support it. Afterwards, this person didn’t say this in public, but it was a middle-aged Republican businessman, a typical Republican. He came over and he said ‘Ron, let me tell you, this is good,’ he says ‘because this will mean that the blacks will be aborted.’ I thought ‘Holy man’ and this was from a conservative Republican and I dismissed that, that’s not conceivable, but when you look at these statistics, 16 million blacks have been aborted since 1973 and all done in the name of humanitarianism and goodness and helping people.

Daniel McAdams: This horrific sentiment that this gentleman expressed to you is not that different from the Founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who was a Eugenicist, she believed that non-whites need to be killed, that people who are deformed need to be killed. Really, what he was saying was consistent with the founders of Planned Parenthood. On the blacks, it is interesting I was looking at Pat Buchanan today, he makes a very good point ‘The blacks matter movement is expressing legitimate concern about the number of violent confrontations that young black men are having with the police officers. We know how those are turning out. He points out that the number of black man and boys killed by police officers every year is less than one tenth of one percent of the number of blacks that are killed in the womb every year.

Ron Paul: When you talk about the group that supports the abortion program, they are generally described as progressive. I sort of like the word progressive, I’d like to think of myself as being progressive in ideas, but that’s not what they think. This is so regressive, using violence like this. They were more advanced when Hippocrates lived and thought that doctors shouldn’t be involved in this, but now doctors are involved in all kinds of things from torture, to euthanasia and abortion. This film that we looked at is just the epitome of a physician talking like this.

Then, there’s the other thing that Republicans, in spite of their inconsistencies that we already pointed out, there’s many that are very consistent. They believe sincerely in pro-life position, but they just as sincerely believe that these young people, men and women now, should join the military, join the forces, defend liberty. Not only for defending our country, but for preemptive war, you go six thousand miles away and get involved in this and they depend on it and they see no inconsistencies. I think a pro-life position is you ask to protect the best you can the rights of the unborn and also when they’re older and some people put out statistics that more blacks, percentage-wise, die in war as well as in crimes.

Daniel McAdams: That is a good hypocrisy that the left often points out that the pro-life Christian right-wing people that they are pro-life until the kid is 18 and they send him off. You spent a long career in medicine and you were intimately involved in this issue for number of years and you even wrote a book about it. You shared I know with me and so many others some of your earlier experiences with this.

Ron Paul: Yes, I often mentioned that when I was in medical school from ’57 to ’61, finished college. By the time I got out of medical school in ’61 I had not heard the word abortion in my medical career. They weren’t talking about it, negative or positive, it was just a non-issue. By 1968, after the revolution of the 60s, I claimed the law doesn’t cause the abortions; the people’s morality changed the abortions. The solutions come from the people, not the law.

By 1968 I was in the residency and they were doing abortions and it bothered me, because one time I walked in an operating room and they were doing, because we would do that to observe surgeries, they were doing a C-section, but it was on a small baby and they lifted the baby out, a couple of pounds and the baby cried and whimpered a little bit and they put it in a bucket and it lasted for five-ten minutes. Everybody in the room sort of pretended that it didn’t exist and that is when I decided that I had to resolve this in my mind, so I went and talked to the professor who was supportive of this and he said ‘well there is some very, very bad abnormalities and just as well abort them, don’t worry about it later on.’

That’s what his argument was and I said ‘sometimes you can’t tell for sure, you have to wait until birth.’ At that time we didn’t have great ultrasound and he said ‘Yeah, that’s true, we could wait until birth, but then at birth if you can tell that this child was grossly deformed then you should kill the child that is born.’ I said ‘Wow.’ I followed up with my concern “Yeah, but we don’t know about some of these diseases for years.’ He said ‘One of the circumstances is that maybe a year is the cutoff point.’ You can imagine with that attitude existing in the 60s, here we have people selling body parts. It’s pretty bad as far as I’m concerned.

I think this issue is going to be around for a while, hopefully it resolves, I hope we get more information and I hope we get more people look at this based on principle and think more consciously about the right to life. Truly there is justification to saying an unborn has rights. I as a physician, if I harmed the fetus, I can be sued rightfully so. If you’re in an automobile accident and the woman loses her child and aborts, that child is recognized as a living human being. If the man dies and the woman has the child, inheritance rights are established at conception, so there is a lot of legal arguments that it is truly alive human being and if it is, the taking of that life is an act of aggression.

There are always going to be difficult situations, because they want to turn the argument in to the day after conception to the day before birth. The pro-abortionists never want to think about it a week or two or a month or two before birth. It’s always something vague. It’s not so vague now, when we look at this story, where they want to gently do the abortions to preserve the tissue and sell it so they can get their fancy automobiles and these are physicians talking. It is a moral crisis. This will not be solved by passing a law. Right now, the law should be involved and we certainly ought to defund all of this type of money that goes to the destruction of life. Respect for all life is what we need if we want to live in a free society. We cannot have respect for liberty if we don’t have respect for life.

I want to thank everybody for tuning in today to the Liberty Report and come back soon.

This video was published by the Ron Paul Institute.


  • rainesu

    One of the first things that intrigued me about Ron Paul was his pro-life stance, and how he tied it in to the liberty message. Liberty belongs to each of us, even if our liberty is at times troublesome for others. Unborn people are people. They will never be cats, or fish, or mere body parts (unless killed,dissected and sold by the abortionist). They possess DNA that is utterly distinct from their mother’s, though they require her body processes for a time to develop enough to handle basic life outside the womb (they will continue to require nurturance for a good many years after birth, to continue surviving.). Where I would differ with Mr. Paul is in his squabbling with the pro-life contingent in Congress. His liberty ideals come first, for him, I am guessing. For me, life is first. The right to life is the basic right that is the foundation of ALL other rights. It is indispensable.

  • Kristy Stone

    Hey, Ron Paul…you are all about people having Health Care. When I was pregnant, Planned Parenthood provided me with prenatal care. They help men and women with reproductive care. It isn’t just about abortion. But maybe you are just too ignorant to realize that, aren’t ya?

    • HavocSquad

      LMAO, u dont need planned parenthood to save you. In order to achieve better health care we need more competition do drive costs down in the health industry.We need a complete overhaul of the health care system.

      Planned parenthood is by far the largest abortion provider in the history of the US. If planned parenthood dropped abortion that would be great but it is way too lucrative for them to do that especially when they receive millions of dollars to run their operations off tax payers. The argument that they don’t use federal funding to fund abortions is laughable at best. They simply maneuver funds around to in order to pay for the facilities and doctors to perform abortions. Sure they do a lot of other work in contraceptives, sti screenings, cancer screenings but abortion is their money maker and is why they have high priced “doctors”. All of their private donations go to funding abortion practices. If you took away their funding almost of their clinics would crash and burn and they know this. They charge additional money for abortions then they sell the fetuses to 3rd party companies. Thats how their organization makes money. Without the 500 million dollars of tax payer money it would not be financial possible for their abortion physicians to earn 6 figures and provide other medical treatments that they triumphantly say that their organization is about .”I want a lamborghini”, their suppose to be a non profit. She is suppose to say we dont negotiate fetuses becuz we cant make money. Its suppose to be a set cost. She did not say this.

      Defund planned parenthood and give the money to organizations that only do contraceptives and preventive measures.

      “Dont tell what to do with my body” is a common pro choice or pro abortion thing to say. I always respond dont tell what to do with my tax money. If you want to have an abortion i dont think the govt has the right to subsidize it on the backs of others. Fund your own abortions . if you cant afford one then maybe should only stick to oral. Its called self accountability.

      For you to actually suggest that we need planned parenthood in order to achieve adequate reproductive care is just plain ludicrous. But maybe you are just too ignorant to realize that, aren’t ya?

    • CSN

      Pre-Natal Care???? Give me a break…Planned Parenthood, Ms. Rainbow Coalition, isn’t about Health Care, it’s about killing and stopping the birth of babies. Go to a Pro-Life Clinic and you’ll get free Pre-Natal Care. Go to Catholic Charities and you’ll get free Pre-Natal Care and assistance with your birth.

  • Kristi

    Ron Paul, you may not agree with the act of abortion for what it is, but you should have enough sense to know, the option of abortion is necessary, if we are to have liberty in this nation. More so, you should know, without Planned Parenthood, our county would soon become over-populated with unwanted children. The funding Planned Parenthood receives, goes toward the prevention of what would end up being, millions of neglected and abused children. No child should be raised by someone that doesn’t want them. Preventative action is far better financially and morally, than corrective action, especially when it comes to innocent lives. Either you fund Planned Parenthood, or you fund to save children from unfit homes, give them medical and/or psychological treatment, feed them, educate them, put a roof over their head for who knows how long, and hope they don’t end up becoming violent criminals (which is probable when you’re raised without love), or worse yet, hope they don’t end up having unwanted kids of their own. People need to be stable before they have kids, mentally and financially. They need to want kids. Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures there is. To get rid of it, is only to force people to do it by unsafe means. A country without abortion, is a country overrun with poverty, neglect, abuse, abandonment, exploitation, and trafficking of innocent children. Have mercy. It’s not the child’s fault, but they’ll end up paying the ultimate price if you force them to be born and raised by parents that resent them.

    • CSN

      The option of Abortion isn’t Liberty, it is License. No one has a right to do something wrong, and it is a wrong more heinous than anything the USA has supported or allowed since it’s inception. We’re already on the slippery slope down the path of no return. We had adoption agencies before, and homes for unwed mothers, which are now almost non-existent, because we no longer value the life of the human being at large. We can support unwed Mother’s one diaper at a time.

  • Paul Selley

    Ha, ha. I laugh my ass off everytime Ron Paul speaks of ‘liberty’ while advocating the government’s right to dictate what women can do with their bodies. If it’s Mr. Paul’s own wife we’re talking about maybe he should have some say in the decision, but I’m not even sure about that. It is sure none of his business and none of the government’s business what women do with their bodies.

    • Evan Eberhardt

      What if you had been chopped up and sold for parts instead of enjoying the life you have? How is anything about this funny? This is just further proof of what a morally bankrupt state the medical establishment is in that they go along with this butchery. Yes, the rights of the mother must be considered, but where is the empathy for the life within?

    • CSN

      A woman can do with her body as she pleases, BEFORE the fact, and not after the fact. That baby has a dignity and a right separate from the Mother, and is protected by the Right to Liberty and Life in the Bill of Rights.

  • Mary Pettis

    Sorry Ron Paul…I agree with many things you say even as a Democrat…however, your not a female, and every ones body belongs to them…not to you or any man or government…so Keep Planned Parenthood many women you have poor insurance needs the services of Planned Parenthood, and everyone needs to stop getting into what a women needs and wants…and NO women don’t use abortion as birth control…no man knows what a women goes through losing a child, however being a women who has taken many biology class and courses…a new born is not a human or alive till birth when the breath of life is blown into them by God…
    Go Pro Choice!!!

    • Evan Eberhardt

      That is complete nonsensical reasoning (and biologically inaccurate) that it isn’t a human or alive until birth. The reality is that at the moment of conception a tiny human is taking shape. What part government plays in all this is of course up for debate, and there are shades of grey on this issue, but enough with this delusion so you can sleep better at night. A human life is ended with abortion at ANY stage. Also, ultimately, abortion IS birth control. Enough with these games to skirt the true nature of abortion. If women can live with themselves and go through with it, so be it. But they should be fully aware of what is going on and not act like it’s the equivalent of having a wart removed.

      • jen

        I agree with alot of what you say Ron Paul, but my mother worked at Planned Parenthood for 20 years and I grew up seeing and hearing about what is done at that organization. They do help many young boys and girls with sexual issues and other concerns, It is ridiculous to say that all they do is abortions they have them one day a week and while there are some that abuse it, many have legitimate reasons why they need to get procedure. I do agree that we should not be paying for many of the women who abuse the system. However in the long run we are still paying for there kids anyway…..

        • CSN

          …help them with sexual issues? LIke giving them the morning after pill so they can kill what they conceived the day before? You’re wrong and your narrative doesn’t say anything but that you’re a voice for the Abortionists and their Cartel.

    • CSN

      That’s right, everyone’s body belongs to them, including the unborn baby who is a person, and an individual as distinct as you are. The only people who are Pro Choice are the ones who have been born. Ask any unborn child if they’d prefer to live, rather than be cut up and destroyed, and they’d tell you “give me life”.

  • Kame Zato

    Can we start by defunding Israel first so that children in Palestine are not killed with our money?

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Better to defund obaMao’s ISIS.

  • Craig Wiens

    i like planned parenthood , but it should never have been funded by the fed , like most everything else

    • Diozark

      What Do You Like about It ?
      One of the most destructive evil forces in the USA, These people should be imprisoned for life for the pain and suffering they are responsible for.

      • Evan Eberhardt

        The law calls for up to 10 years and $500,000 fine. Although, if that is for each act, then yes, a life sentence would be in order since who knows how many babies have been chopped up and sold off. I would certainly have no issue with that. Absolutely disgusting disrespect for life. Whomever bought these baby parts should also be held accountable.

      • Kristi

        Pain and suffering, is forcing a child to be raised by parents that don’t want it, and resent it.

        • CSN

          If they don’t want children, they don’t have to have them Kristi. It’s not rocket science to figure that much out. Should we round up all of the children born into unhappy homes and have them exterminated to please you, or should we light a candle instead of cursing the darkness, and shelter these children in the best way we can through education and assistance to low income people in need?

  • TanDaLayO

    Just stop paying these illegal taxes… These congress people…lobbyists don’t represent the people of America anyway…Stop paying into these corrupt cartels…..

  • Carolyn Flynn

    It’s long past time. We must PUSH Congress without ceasing until this goal is accomplished.