Rand Paul: My Dad Taught Me the Virtues of Hard Work

Rand Paul: The best lesson my dad taught me was that nothing in life comes easy, that it takes hard work, perserverance, that work is a good thing.

We all worked as kids, we worked both odd jobs and for others, and my kids still continue that tradition.

My dad was always around, he was a physician, he worked hard, he was up in the middle of the night delivering babies, but we had dinner together as a family almost every night.

To me there are a lot of political memories. I was 11 years old when he first ran for office, so I think I’ve been to more barbeques and heard more speeches than just about anybody in the world, but I was always intrigued by and interested in politics and hearing what went on.

I followed my father’s route in both medicine and politics, so we have a lot of similarities. What I respect most about my dad is honesty, genuineness. The fact that he never pandered to crowds, to try to please people, but he told them honestly the way he saw things, the way he saw the world. And he wanted to try to make it better.

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